Spain Packing List

I recently went on a 10 day trip to Seville, Spain and it was incredible! If you’re planning to make the trip, here are the things you’ll need! (Also, take me with you!)

P.S. I managed to fit everything in one carry-on bag and a small backpack.


Dresses: Spaniards (and Europeans in general) generally dress more formally than we do in America. I’ve heard stories of women putting on makeup and doing their hair before they even take out the trash. So just keep that in ind when choosing outfits. As an added bonus, dresses will keep you cool in the sweltering heat!

Spandex/Rash-guard: Maybe this is TMI, but I didn’t think about packing any spandex to wear under my dresses and by the second day I was waddling like a penguin to prevent further chafing. Eventually I had to purchase some men’s speedo shorts to keep my legs from rubbing together. So, I’m willing to post this embarrassing fact to save you from the misery!

COMFORTABLE SHOES: Please do not let your need to be fashionable outweigh the need to wear comfortable shoes. While we were there we walked nearly 10 miles each day and by the end of the day our dogs were barking! I’d recommend bringing a couple pairs of  comfortable sandals with good support and alternating between them. I wore leather Chacos and Birkenstocks and my feet hurt, but not as badly as they would’ve in less supportive shoes. We didn’t wear sneakers simply because it was too hot!

Swimsuit: It is SO hot in Spain, you’ll want to jump in every body of water you see!

Sunglasses: This is a pretty obvious one, but it stays sunny until almost 10 PM so you need them even more.

A small cross body bag: You need to carry your essentials with you, but I wouldn’t recommend lugging around your oversized tote. It’ll just weigh you down so opt for something small that you can keep close to you (I didn’t experience any pickpocketing, but I’ve hear it can be a problem).

Everything Else

Everything you need to make your trip go smoothly.

Camera: Trust me, you’re going to want to show your friends this place! Just, don’t make them sit through an hour long photo slideshow!

Outlet Converter: In Spain you can use either an E/F or C converter. This is the one I took. And here is a link to an list of what converter to use for each country.

Book/Tablet: I didn’t think I’d want to take any siestas with so much to see, but it gets so hot and everything closes during the afternoon so it’s almost mandatory. If you’re not a huge napper I’d recommend bringing a book or a small tablet for movies since the TV is mostly in Spanish.

Sunscreen: The sun is so strong in Spain, which you probably gathered from all of my comments about how hot it is, but seriously.



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