10 Things You Must do in Seville

If you’re planning a trip to Seville, you’ve already made a great decision. The hard part is deciding what to do once you get there. Here you’ll find everything you need to know about Seville including what to do, where to eat, and some tips for making the most out of your trip.

Things to See

  1. Plaza De España – This place is so picturesque with its fountain and Spanish architecture. There is even a water feature where you can rent a row boat, however, at €6 for 30 minutes I opted just to stand on the bridge and watch. Often there are buskers around who just add to atmosphere. Star Wars fans will recognize this as Naboo from Episode II. This is the perfect place to come on your first day because it will give you a great feel for the city without wearing you out. I’d also recommend going back at night to see it all lit up, it is breathtaking!
  2. Feed the Birds – As you’re leaving the Plaza, take a walk through the Maria Luisa Park and find the “bird lady” near the Plaza De America. For €1 you can feed the birds.  I didn’t realize I was scared of birds until they swarmed me, but I still enjoyed it and it made for great pictures.
  3. Metropol Parasol (Las Setas) – I liked this so much I went twice! The first time, I went during the day and enjoyed just sitting beneath the structure for some much needed shade. (It would’ve been even better if I’d thought to grab some gelato!) The second time, I went back at sunset and took the elevator to the top. I had a hard time finding the elevator because you actually have to go down a ramp, which is located on the left. You have to pay €3 (cash only) to go to the top, but that includes a free drink at the top and a postcard. This is one of the best views of the city you can get and the lighting at sunset was unreal!
  4. The Real Alcázar – Not only is this palace beautiful, but it also holds so much history. It has been the official residence of the royal family of Spain for centuries. The entrance fee is €9.50, but if you’re between the ages of 17 and 25 you can get in for only €2.
  5. Seville Cathedral – This cathedral is one of the most iconic landmarks in Seville. The Giralda, or the bell tower, chimes several times a day and the bells can be heard from all over town. My favorite part of visiting the cathedral was going up into the bell tower and looking out over the city. It was quite a walk up there, but the view was well worth it. General Admission is €8, but student tickets are €3. Side note: Nearby there are tons of little shops, restaurants, and gelato stands. Our Air BnB was in this area so we became very fond of it. I’d highly recommend staying anywhere around the cathedral.
  6. Flamenco– No trip to Spain would be complete without watching a Flamenco show! Many local bars and restaurants have performances, but we opted to go to the Museo del Baile Flamenco and we were not disappointed. The atmosphere was great and the live music/dancing was remarkable! The cost is €20 for adults and €14 for students and children, so it was on the more expensive side of the activities, but I think we got what we paid for. Loved it!

Things to Eat

  1. Bar Pelayo – We found this place because our Air BnB was located directly above it. I thought, “We can’t live right above this place and not try it!” I’m so glad we did because the atmosphere was so fun and the sangria was to die for!
  2. El Caminante Andaluz – This place is kind of out of the way and not very well know by tourists. We actually went there on the recommendation of a Spaniard, so we had high hopes and it did not let us down! This was by far my favorite meal in Seville! We had the  Solomillo al whisky y patatas and I cannot even describe how good it was. I’d fly back to Spain right now just to eat it again!
  3. Taberna Coloniales – If you can’t make it to El Caminante Andaluz, I’d highly recommend trying the Solomillo al whisky y patatas here. It’s not quite as incredible, but it’s still good and in a much more convenient location.
  4. 100 Montaditos – Literally 100 sandwiches!!! This is m dream come true. Anyone that knows me knows that I LOVE sandwiches. The sandwiches are pretty good, but I’d recommend going just for the novelty!

Restaurant Bonus Tips: The servers do not automatically bring the check so you have to ask for it. You can say, “La cuenta, por favor.” To ask to see a menu: “La carta, por favor.” Finally, tipping isn’t really a thing. They just round up, so €5.50 would be €6.00.

Places to Travel 

If you’re there for an extended period, I’d recommend taking advantage of Seville’s close proximity to other great cities.

  1. Ronda – We went to Ronda with a tour company called VIA tour. We loved seeing the bull ring, the unique architecture (including Hemmingway’s house), and tasting the wine.
  2. Malaga- In Malaga we spent half of the day at Malagueta beach and the other half in the Museo de Picasso. (Malaga is the birthplace of Pablo Picasso.)

Other options: Cadiz, Granada, Gaucín (Pueblos Blancos), Cordoba, and Huelva.


Now, it’s time to get packing! Check out my Spain Packing List!

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